best dial indicator

No. 1

Clockwise Tools DIBR-0055 Electronic Digital Dial Indicator Gage Gauge...

  • Inch and Metric Reading Function; Extra Large LCD Screen: 1.6" x 0.7"; Auto Off after 5-7 mins (remember last measurement when turn on...
  • Flat Back or Lug Back Option Included (hole size 6.5mm); Stem Diameter: 3/8"; UNF 4-48 Threaded Tip
  • Measure Range: 0-0.5"/12.7mm Graduation: 0.0005"/0.01 mm; Accuracy: ±0.001"/0.03 mm
  • 2 Magnetic faces available; Max pull 176 lbs (30mm and up thickness metal countertop/surface required for 176lbs pull)
  • Featured RS232 Data transfer port, must connect with “Clockwise Tools DTCR-01” Cable to make data transfer to PC. DO NOT CONNECT...
No. 2

Clockwise Tools MGBR-01 Magnetic Base Stand for Digital Dial Indicator...

  • 2 arms dimension: Lower arm 4.5"; Upper arm 4"; Total Height 14.1"
  • Strong 2 magnet surfaces with ON/OFF control provides 176lbs Max Pull (30mm and up thickness metal countertop/surface required for...
  • Clamping Hole Diameter Approx. 9.5mm, for regular digital/dial indicator use
  • Twist one black knob can adjust 3 rotary joints at any direction and location
  • Compatible with all Clockwise Tools dial/digital indicators and other market indicators
No. 3

Fowler 52-520-109 AGD Dial Indicator, Black Face, 1" Travel, 2.25"...

  • Fowler AGD dial blackface 1” indicator, 001” reading and 2.25" diameter
  • Revolution counter hand and comes with lug backs positioned through 90° increments
  • Spindle rack & contact points of hardened stainless steel for long wear; cases forged brass, satin-chromed; gear wheels hard brass
  • Extra long springs for uniform pressure through entire travel of spindle, bezel knurled; easily adjusted thru 360°
  • Full 1 year warranty offered by Fowler High Precision, an American company
No. 4

Neoteck DTI Digital Dial Indicator 1''/25.4mm | Digital Probe...

  • 【Aluminum Alloy Digital Dial Indicator】 Large LCD Display with 4 Digits, Be Used to Accurately Measure Small Linear Distances in...
  • 【0 ~ 25.4 mm Measuring Range】 Measuring Range from 0 ~ 25.4 mm (0 ~ 1 inch), High Resolution up to 0.01 mm (0.0005")
  • 【Included Rear Cover】 Hole Diameter: 6.5mm, It is Removable and Can be Used on Different Magnetic Base Holder Stand
  • 【Inch/Metric Conversion】 Switchable between mm and inch, Suitable for All Kinds of Measurement
  • 【Zero Setting, with Conveniencet Ports】RS232 Data Output Interface and LR44 Battery Compartment, East to Replace Battery
No. 5

All Industrial Tool Supply TR72020 Dial Indicator (Magnetic Base &...

  • 3 Piece precision inspection set includes: 0-1" .001" dial indicator, magnetic base and 22 piece. indicator point set. Complete with...
  • 1" dial indicator: graduation 0.001", 3/8" stem diameter, 2" dial face and lug back
  • Magnetic base: overall height 9", on and off switch, 130 lb. power pull, base measures 2" width X 2-1/2" depth
  • 22 pc. indicator point set: AGD specifications (4-48 threads)
No. 6

Mitutoyo 513-402-10E DIAL TI, BAS, STD 0.03", 0.0002" Accuracy,...

  • Contact point effective length is printed on the dial face
  • Increased impact resistance and durability of gears and bezel
  • Inspection certificate included with bidirectional evaluation
  • Increased scratch-resistance of crystal
No. 7

Magnetic Base with Fine Adjustment & SAE Dial Test Indicator & 22...

  • Bundle with magnetic base, dial indicator and 22 anvil point set
  • Does NOT come with molded plastic case
  • Mag base with 170# of holding poiwer fine adjustment knob for precise positioning
  • Dial indicator with 0.0005" Resolution (half a thousandth), 1.00" total travel and accuracy to 0.001" per 1"
  • Point set with fit most American and imported indicators and has 4-48 threads
No. 8

Triton 1" Dial Indicator 0.001" Graduation Travel Lug Back White Face

  • Our part # ALL-52000
  • Measuring range: 0-1" and reading: 0-100. Lug back.
  • Stem diameter: 3/8"; and dial diameter: 2"
  • Manufactured according to ASME/ANSI standards
  • Rack and contact point made of hardened stainless steel. Jeweled movement..
No. 9

KHCRAFT Professional Dial Test Indicator 0-0.03"x0.0005" Steel...

  • Range: 0-0.03" graduation: 0.0005"
  • Made of steel hardened with all metal components, durable satin chrome finish
  • with 2 Steel Dovetail Clamps 3/8'' and 5/32'', dovetail mount on top and back and front for all-around positioning, 2 ways to fix on...
  • All finished dial test indicators are inspected 100% piece by piece to control the accuracy
  • Packed in storage case; Please visit our store for the matching magnetic base
No. 10

Mighty Mag Bundle Westhoff 400-1 Base with 45 Pounds Pull and 6...

  • Base has a rugged zinc diecast housing which contains a powerful high-quality magnetic assembly with 45 pounds of holding power. It is...
  • Kit comes with dial indicator with 0.0005" Resolution (half a thousandth), 1.00" total travel with accuracy guaranteed to 0.001" per 1"
  • It contains 6 mounting locations: three with 1/4-20 tapped holes, one 10-32 tapped hole, one 3/8” reamed home and one V-shaped hole...
  • Will accommodate most lathe of machine shop devices and ensure they stay on place for accurate measurements. You will never stop...

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