best digital hygrometer for humidor

No. 1

Cigar Oasis Caliber IV Digital Hygromter by Western Humidor - Highest...

  • Advanced humidity sensor maintains accuracy to +/- 1%
  • Pre-calibrated out of the box + User recalibrate-able
  • Three day high/low & averages for humidity & temperature
  • Secure magnetic mount, Battery included
  • Formally Western Humidor, the Caliber series of digital hygrometers have been ranked as the most accurate and reliable hygrometers in...
No. 2

Inkbird ITH-10 Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer Temperature Humidity...

  • 👍👍【Digital Thermometer】Mini Digital Humidity Thermometer allows you to easily know the environment temperature and humidity...
  • 👍👍【Easy to Use】 Support °C/°F mode, and read display easily and immediately.Record Max. and Min. values of temperature and...
  • 👍👍【Multi-functional scenes】Can be placed in household, guitar case, green house, office and labs.
  • 👍👍【Accurate readings】Temperature measuring range: 23℉-140℉ ; Humidity measuring range: 30%-90%RH
  • 👍👍【 Power Supply】 DC3.0V, one button battery CR2032 Item
No. 3

Cigar Oasis Caliber 4R Gold Digital/Analog Hygrometer by Western...

  • Advanced humidity sensor maintains accuracy to +/- 1%
  • User recalibrate-able
  • Sharp round design
  • Color coded for easy reading
  • Humidity & temperature readings
No. 4

Cigar Oasis Caliber 4R Silver Digital/Analog Hygrometer by Western...

  • Advanced humidity sensor maintains accuracy to +/- 1%
  • User recalibrate-able
  • Color coded for easy reading
  • Secure magnetic mount
  • Battery included
No. 5

Prestige Import Group - 2.5" Digital Mountable Hygrometer...

  • Digital Mountable Hygrometer w/ Calibration | Color: Gold | Multi-Colored Gauge for Easy to Follow Display
  • Fahrenheit & Celsius Toggle Button | Displays Relative Humidity %
  • Accurate & Precise within +/- 1% | Includes Magnet Set for Easy Mounting
  • Convenient Size | Front face diameter: 2.49"/63 mm | Back side diameter: 2.29"/58 mm x 0.6" Thick
  • Built-in Humidity Calibration Feature | Includes Battery
No. 6

JEDEW 2-Pack Mini Hygrometer Thermometer Digital LCD Monitor Indoor...

  • Applicable for home, office, car, schools, hotels, laboratories, kindergartens, aquaculture, instrument workshop, libraries, schools,...
  • Fahrenheit (°F) or Celsius (°C) conversion, Temperature accuracy +/-1°C(+/-2°F), Humidity accuracy +/-5%.
  • This portable hygrometer thermometer Measures Indoor humidity and temperature in time, help to adjust the humidifier, dehumidifier...
  • Fast response that measures every 10 seconds with 24 sensitive VENTS to provide updated and accurate readings, wide measuring range...
  • Mini round digital humidity thermometer allows you to easily know the environment temperature and humidity. Small, Durable and Portable...
No. 7

Scotte Digital Hygrometer for Humidors, 10-Second Refresh Rate,...

  • Digital temperature and humidity display
  • The temperature and humidity sampling period for 10 seconds
  • The humidity measurement range 1%~99%;The temperature measurement range -50Celsius~70Celsius
  • The temperature measurement accuracy +/ -1Celsius Humidity measurement accuracy 5%
  • The overall dimensions 48mm*28.5mm*16mm;The LCD displayLCD size:46.2*26.7mm
No. 8

Veanic 4-Pack Mini Digital Electronic Temperature Humidity Meters...

  • Mini Digital Humidity Thermometer allows you to easily know the temperature and humidity around you
  • 2in1 meter with built-in probe; digital electronic thermometer and hygrometer for measuring temperature and humidity for indoor use
  • Fahrenheit (°F) display, this thermometer displays temperature in Fahrenheit
  • Temperature measuring range: -58℉-158℉ ; Humidity measuring range: 10%-99%RH (Measures conditions every 10 seconds)
  • Temperature measurement accuracy: ±2℉; Humidity measurement accuracy: ±5%RH
No. 9

Xikar PuroTemp Round Digital Hygrometer

  • Digital hygrometer with magnetic attachment
  • 1" 3/4 diameter with standard 1.75" back size
  • Accuracy of +/- 2%
  • Remove the protective sheath separates the battery from the contacts before use
No. 10

Meggsi 2 Pack Mini Digital Hygrometer Gauge Indoor Thermometer, LCD...

  • Mini, Durable and Portable. Measuring humidity and temperature indoor/outdoor.
  • Fahrenheit (℉) or Celsius (℃) conversion(℃/℉).
  • [Humidity]Measuring humidity range :10%-99%RH, Measuring humidity accuracy: +/-5%.
  • [Temperature]Measuring temperature range :0℃ to 70℃(32℉-158℉), Measurement temperature accuracy: +/-1℃(+/-2℉).
  • Button batteries are included. 100% satisfaction customer service within 24 hours.

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